Welcome to the Short Film Showcase, a weekly post where I highlight an awesome short film. Almost all filmmakers make short films before moving up to  features, so I want to try and promote them as much as possible.

While I will feature established filmmakers, I’d like to find films that may not have been seen by many people yet. So if you see a film that you reckon is amazing, send me a link here or on any of my socials and I might feature it!

My first short film of the week is The Gunfighter.

Written by Kevin Tenglin
Directed by Eric Kissack

The Gunfighter is a hilarious short film with a typical western gunslinger walking into a bar. As he walks in, a narrator explains what’s going on and what the characters are thinking. The only thing is, all the characters in the bar can hear the narrator.

A gunfighter enters a saloon, and his actions are narrated by an unseen voice, much to the confusion of those in the saloon. The narrator begins revealing the thoughts of the characters, as a typical film narrator would. But the thoughts are mostly personal or humiliating to the characters. The characters test the narrator’s truthfulness by instructing a woman, Sally, to think of a number, which the narrator correctly states. Once the narrator makes it known that almost every patron of the bar has practiced infidelity, almost every character draws a gun, initiating a Mexican standoff. The gunfighter realises the narrator’s sadism, as he is trying to make the patrons kill one another. (Wikipedia)

The film is incredibly well made. The performances are excellent, the production design is amazing and it’s shot beautifully. The narration is perfect, as performed by Nick Offerman.
It’s a great film for the first of many for our Short Film Showcase.

The Gunfighter (2014)

You can check it out again on YouTube. We’ll post more great short films here every week.

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